The Vaping Crisis with Ramon Alarcon and Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

The vaping crisis with Ramon Alarcon and Arnaud Dumas de Rauly today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on Cannabis Radio. Arnaud is currently Co-Founder and CEO of The Blinc Group. He is a thought leader in the science, technology, and supply chain of vaping products. Arnaud also serves as Chairman of the ISO (International) Standards Committee on Vaping Products & Chairman of the European Standards Committee on Vapor Products. Ramon has a career in innovation. As head of engineering and design, he took blu (the e-cig market-maker) through 2 acquisitions and built its portfolio of 80+ patents. He’s also worked in VR at NASA, a patented surgical simulator startup, vehicle tech at Ford, and has degrees in engineering from Stanford.

The vaping crisis

Their committee recently hosted a webinar about future-proofing their business. We chat with them both further about this for listeners who didn’t catch the webinar. Within the Cannabis Manufacturing Committee, which covers both edibles and extractions, for example, there’s certainly a lot to discuss vaping products that are very popular. For a lot of reasons they’re discreet, they don’t smell like flowers. NCIA published a white paperback in late 2019 about the vaping crisis we all remember which feels like a million years ago. So we dive into the big picture concerns that we discovered along the way about vaping and what the big deal is there.