Cannabis Occupational Safety and Health with Alex Hearding

Cannabis Occupational Safety and Health with Alex Hearding, CRMO NCRMA. Today we are joined by a man who can provide us insight into occupational safety in the cannabis industry. Our guest is the chief risk management officer at the NCRMA Alex Hearding Alex has developed four new Cannabis Occupational Safety and Health courses for the NCRM Academy. For More information on all specific courses go to Direct and indirect costs related to worker injury can be very expensive. Protect your most important assets, your workers, with courses designed and developed to keep workers safe.

Cannabis Occupational

Alex Hearding has an educational and professional background as a water and soil scientist and safety professional. He has legally cultivated marijuana as a medical caregiver and as a facility manager in a licensed greenhouse. He has experience starting marijuana businesses including license application, facility design, construction, operational development, and management. He currently provides services including occupational safety & health services and training and risk management for the cannabis industry.

NCRMA Chronic Risk

The Chronic Risk podcast is the voice of the National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA). It features expert advice and analysis on issues pertaining to risk in the cannabis industry from NCRMA’s members and certified service partners.