DK4 Decontamination Services with Dan And Brandon Kent

DK4 Decontamination Services with Dan and Brandon Kent. Now more than ever it’s clear that contamination is an issue that isn’t just going to go away. As testing regulations tighten over the cannabis industry, the need for high-level, effective, and safe decontamination options has become paramount. On this episode of ChronicRisk, we’re highlighting the expertise of the NCRMA’s newest service partner, DK4 Decontamination Services LLC. DK4 is the premier provider of hospital-grade surface and complete room decontamination for the transportation, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceutical, and other commercial industries. In mid-December, DK4 launched its cannabis initiative with the goal of providing the cannabis industry with access to SteraMistTM decontamination and sanitization options. DK4’s founding members Dan Kent and Brandon Kent join NCRMA Chief Risk Management Officer to discuss their plans to devote a majority of their efforts to combat the primary contributor to product loss in the cannabis industry.



Brandon is a skilled field ecologist with experience in limnology, entomology, data collection, biological field sampling, scientific procedure, and marine fisheries. He is also a contract Biologist teaching concepts of biology and ecology, taxonomy, field science, data collection and synthesis, aquaponics, and general outdoors education using a hands-on, field-centric teaching approach. At DK4 Decontamination Services Brandon trains technicians on the use and care of decontamination equipment, proper PPE use and workplace safety, and effective decontamination techniques using TOMI Steramist technology. He Leads teams to decontaminate commercial, residential, medical, and educational facilities using an ionized hydrogen peroxide fogging system to ensure the highest level of sterilization with minimal effect on the environment and local activities.

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