Enviro-Sciences Inc with Irv Cohen

Enviro-Sciences Inc with Irv Cohen, ESI President & CEO today on Chronic Risk only on Cannabis Radio. In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss how to mitigate environmental hazards that can compromise the safety of your cannabis product. If you’re looking to purchase a property for a cannabis operation, planning to expand your operation, or are a business owner looking to build your first facility, it’s important to understand that there are a lot of environmental hazards that can be associated with your potential property. Do you know about the soil? Does it contain heavy metals?


Are there underground storage tanks on the property that could leak and affect the soil? To highlight the importance of these realities and discuss how to find necessary solutions, we’re joined by Irv Cohen, President, and CEO of NCRMA Service Partner, Enviro-Science Inc. Enviro-Sciences Inc, or ESI, develops practical solutions to their clients’ worldwide environmental needs. Their team of experts helps cannabis businesses achieve their goals safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively by developing compliant environmental solutions in the pre-application or application phase, providing site evaluations, and consulting.

NCRMA Chronic Risk

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