Sunshine Design With Sonny Antonio (Part 1)

Sunshine Design With Sonny Antonio (Part 1). In this two-part episode of Chronic Risk, we’re highlighting the expertise of Sonny Antonio, founder, and CEO of Sunshine Design. Sonny specializes in full-service utility design for commercial and residential building projects and has streamlined the process of applicant design from start to finish, working out a system that flawlessly delivers what your company needs. From consulting on contract negotiations to working out utility layouts of all-electric, gas, telephone, and cable TV, the team at Sunshine is a full-service provider of all your utility standards and needs.

Sunshine Design
Sonny joins NCRMA Chief Risk Management Officer Alex Hearding to discuss the importance of assessing and understanding the utility needs that your cannabis business requires. Throughout the invaluable discussion, he touches upon what you need to know ahead of time when looking at potential properties and what you might run into along the way. Tune in to Part 1 of the discussion to learn more on how to ensure that your money is being spent wisely on utilities, how to work with your power company to get what you need and so much more.

NCRMA Chronic Risk

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