Sunshine Design With Sonny Antonio (Part 2)

Sunshine Design With Sonny Antonio (Part 2). Tune in to Part II of NCRMA’s Industry Spotlight with Sonny Antonio from Sunshine Design. In this compelling second installment, he and NCRMA Chief Risk Management Officer Alex Hearding discuss the common and costly mistakes that new businesses make by overlooking proper utility design in the beginning stages of planning. When you don’t think about proper utility design, power may become a limiting factor in the growth of your business and can result in tens if not thousands of dollars worth of loss. Don’t miss this discussion around the importance of having a firm understanding of what power your facility has, how to identify what power it needs and how to most effectively get it.

Sunshine Design

Sonny Antonio is an expert on the rule tariffs governing Electric, Gas, Phone & TV. He worked for PG&E, for 24 + years working his way through the ranks from the helper (ditch digger) to the welder to foreman to Management Director, before moving into the private sector. He left PG&E to run UDI/Tetrad where he was in charge for 4 years before starting his own consulting firm, Integrated Utility Consulting Corporation, the parent company of Sunshine Design. Sunshine Design was formed in the summer of 2003 by Sonny and his wife Carla. Sunshine, along with IUCG, provides full-service utility design and expertise for both commercial and residential building projects. His affiliations include NAHB, CBIA, BIA, and HBA. He obtained his bachelor¡¯s degree from St. Mary¡¯s college and Executive Management training from the University of Michigan.

NCRMA Chronic Risk

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