All Def Cannabis with Cedric J. Rogers and Will Pharaoh

All Def Cannabis with Cedric J. Rogers, Co-founder + CEO of Culture Genesis, and Will Pharaoh, Chief Creative Director at All Def Cannabis. All Def Cannabis is the Hub for Cannabis entertainment. From lifestyle to comedy All Def Cannabis looks to become a staple in the cannabis community and cultivate a culture unlike any other. Cedric is Co-Founder and CEO of Culture Genesis Inc, a media-tech company in Los Angeles, CA remixing digital technology for authentic urban culture and entertainment. Culture Genesis owns and operates All Def Digital and is now the largest Black-owned digital media publisher. TriviaMob is the first live game show for the culture that feels like 106 & Park meets Jeopardy. Previously, he co-founded Looklive with Paul Q. Judge and Greg Selkoe. Look live in the app to discover and buy men’s fashion based on the world’s top influencers. Look live completed the Summer 2016 batch of the prestigious Y Combinator program. Cedric was named one of 25 Black Founders Making Moves in Tech by Huffington Post.

All Def

He was also the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Higher Altitude Inc. He co-founded this company with the mission of creating purpose-driven mobile apps that empower people. Through design, mobile, and social discovery technology, Prizm aims to inspire millions of youth across the world. Will Pharaoh was taught at an early age that he could be anything he puts his mind to. As Pharaoh entered into adulthood that statement couldn’t be more true. The Pharaoh has had his hand in graphic design, media, and entertainment and is just getting started. The Pharaoh remains diligent in his efforts to advance in the industry of entertainment while remaining humble and living as a human that thinks outside the box. Pharaoh has mentioned that he credits his “7 Years of Hell” that taught him his true purpose on this earth. Will Pharaoh is currently residing in Los Angeles and is excelling at a fast pace that will not be contained for long.