Box co-founder Sam Ghods

Box co-founder Sam Ghods joins us today on Plant Prophets with Vern Davis only on Cannabis Radio. Sam Ghods is the CEO of Connected Cannabis. He is a former co-founder and the Systems Architect at “Box”, where he is responsible for backend architecture. Prior to joining Box, he was a developer at, now part of Project Agape. Before, Sam was the lead developer at, where he was responsible for the development, server management, and architecture. He studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science at USC before joining Box in 2006. “Box” is the Cloud Content Management company that empowers enterprises to revolutionize how they work by securely connecting their people, information, and applications. Founded in 2005, Box powers more than 87,000 businesses globally, including AstraZeneca, General Electric, P&G, and The GAP. Box is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, with offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia.


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Vern Davis, Partner and SVP of Business Development at Protis Global

With over sixteen years’ experience building brands with Diageo and Beecham, there isn’t a single thing about the food and drink world that Vern doesn’t know. He’s traveled across six states, moved home seven times, and managed over twenty different brands. Once upon a time, Vern Davis used to employ Protis Global to find his talent, but after years of working with us, a wonderful relationship, and burning ambition, he became part of our family. This means he knows everything about the people he recruits for, he used to be one of them.