CarryOn With Christopher Petersen

CarryOn With Christopher Petersen today on Plant Prophets only on Cannabis Radio. As CBD continues to spark more public interest, the industry is beginning to expand, such as the creation of CBD drinks and food. This episode’s guest is Chris Petersen, the managing director of CarryOn, who shares the story of his startup company located in Denver, Colorado. CarryOn specializes in CBD sparkling waters, all of which offer unique benefits. Tune in to hear Chris speak about how to stand out among the growing industry and the benefits of adding CBD drinks into one’s daily routine.


CarryOn is a wellness brand dedicated to helping people everywhere transform into their best selves. Launched in the midst of a global pandemic, our team’s depth of scientific expertise and beverage craftmanship has quickly established us as one of the most award-winning, credible, CBD brands in Colorado. We never overpromise, but our hope is that every sip of CarryOn becomes a small, magical, moment that gives those gracious enough to try it a few more notches in the daily ‘ups’ column.

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