Flora Growth with Luis Merchan (MJ BizCon)

Flora Growth with Luis Merchan today on Plant Prophets with Vern Davis only on Cannabis Radio recorded live from MJ Biz Con. Flora Growth is a global cannabis company that leverages all-natural, low-cost cultivation practices to supply cannabis derivatives to its diverse business division. With over a decade of experience in corporate strategy, enterprise sales management, merchandising, and workforce management, Luis Merchan has served as CEO of FGC and a member of Flora’s board of directors since December 2020. Flora Growth is the first cannabis company to list on an American exchange through a traditional IPO.


Notably, FGC has added over 10,000 new investors and went public on Nasdaq during Mr. Merchan’s term as CEO. Industry experts expect Flora Growth revenue to reach $500M by 2026 under Mr. Merchan’s leadership. Prior to leading Flora Growth Corp., Mr. Merchan served as Vice President of Workforce Strategy and Operations for Macy’s Inc. In this position, he developed and implemented a workforce strategy for the 540 store portfolio, distribution centers, and Macy’s credit card service centers. He also managed enterprise total payroll expenses to ensure accurate allocation of resources and collaborated with functional heads to align company and workforce strategy regarding optimal resource allocation.