Forti Goods with Founder & CEO Sharon Kevil

Forti Goods with Founder & CEO Sharon Kevil today on Plant Prophets. Sharon previously spent over a decade as an interior designer before turning her talents to develop furniture for Kohls. After an overseas factory trip where she witnessed subpar working conditions and horrible pollution, Sharon got to work building the kind of company she wanted to work for: socially & environmentally sustainable, meaningful, and family-supporting. Forti Goods is the first furniture company with lockable drawers to safely and securely store cannabis products. Based in Milwaukee, this anti-fast furniture startup creates handcrafted pieces for responsible cannabis use within the modern home by keeping curious hands out. Forti’s products are made in the USA, sustainably-sourced, built to last, have controlled access via an app, carbon filters that neutralize the scent of cannabis — and use FSC-certified woods and water-based finishes.

Forti Goods

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Vern Davis, Partner and SVP of Business Development at Protis Global

With over sixteen years’ experience building brands with Diageo and Beecham, there isn’t a single thing about the food and drink world that Vern doesn’t know. He’s traveled across six states, moved home seven times, and managed over twenty different brands. Once upon a time, Vern Davis used to employ Protis Global to find his talent, but after years of working with us, a wonderful relationship, and burning ambition, he became part of our family. This means he knows everything about the people he recruits for, he used to be one of them.

He might look intimidating, but he’s soft as butter on the inside and hopelessly devoted to his family, his team, and the pursuit of changing lives. He met his wife in university thirty-five years ago, and he’s still as starry-eyed as a newlywed.