House of Saka With Tracey Mason

House of Saka was founded in 2018 when cannabis industry insider, Cynthia Salarizadeh and wine industry veteran, Tracey Mason, came together with a mission to create the world’s most advanced line of luxury, cannabis-infused products made by and for women. Discovering a shared passion for wine, beauty products, and the boundless properties of the sacred cannabis plant, the pair assembled an unparalleled group of powerful females from both the cannabis and wine industries to help bring their mission to life and provide the foundation on which it could flourish. Tracey Mason is a 25–year veteran of the adult beverage industry with experience in nearly every facet. She has held executive-level marketing positions at some of the world’s largest beverage companies, including Diageo, where she worked her way up from sales management to Director of Commercial Innovation and Fosters Wine Estates, where she held the position of Vice President of Marketing/Innovation until 2006 when she left to pursue her dream of running a small business.

House of Saka

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Epic Wines, a mid-sized, California–based distributor of fine wines, Tracey honed her leadership and financial management skills while leading the company toward extraordinary growth. She left Epic in 2008 to take an equity position at ProVina Inc, a Silicon Valley startup focused on technology-based innovation in winemaking and began consulting to a number of established and start-up companies, including Golden Star Tea and Clos de la Tech Winery. In 2010, Tracey was drawn back into the corporate world to take the role of Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Goelet Wines Estates (GWE). There, she championed the repositioning and renaissance of the iconic Clos Du Val Winery, solidifying her position as a brand renovation specialist. Tracey left GWE in April 2013 and launched M3G, Inc. Today, M3G is leading brand marketing, PR, innovation, and renovation projects for some of Northern California’s most renowned companies, including Valley of the Moon Winery, Silverado Vineyards, ZIATA Wines, and others.