Integrated Hydro Solutions And Urban-Gro

Integrated Hydro Solutions And Urban-gro Mark Doherty and Greg Panella today on Plant Prophets with Vern Davis only on Cannabis Radio. Mark Doherty began his career in controlled environment agriculture by building New York’s first commercial-scale indoor aquaponic farm. He designed and constructed this first-of-its-kind, 13,000 square foot Controlled Environment Agriculture facility in an abandoned factory in Central New York where seafood and produce were cultivated for local and regional restaurants and supermarkets. Inside the old building, Mark constructed an indoor ecosystem that consisted of 20,000 gallons of stock tanks and over 7,000 square feet of Deep Water Culture Hydroponic cultivation area, all under artificial light. Mark combines his extensive background in commercial-scale aquaponic farming with a personally inspired passion for Cannabis advocacy and access to further urban-gro’s mission to helping cultivators achieve sustained scalability with innovative technologies that drive down cost, increase economic yield, and reduce environmental impact.


Greg Panella is the United States Marine Corps Veteran. He owns Stokes Ladders, a globally recognized ladder company that specializes in agricultural and niche custom ladders. He is a commercial pear grower and is the founder of Integrated Hydro Solutions. IHS is a product development company specializing in system improvement for the vertical cannabis industry. IHS has leveraged its founder’s backgrounds in industrial manufacturing, large-scale commercial agriculture, control systems modeling, as well as mechanical, electrical, and software engineering in multiple industries to design better systems and solutions to the vertical cannabis space. IHS is a veteran-owned business that strongly believes in sourcing and manufacturing our products in the USA.