Malta Enterprise With Marion Zammit


Malta Enterprise With the head of company Marion Zammit today on Plant Prophets with Vern Davis only on The Cannabis Radio. Marion Zammit heads the Investment Promotion Department within Malta Enterprise, Malta’s economic development corporation.
Marion holds a First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Malta, and a Masters’s Degree in Business Administration (Distinction) from the same University.

At Malta Enterprise, Marion has supported various sectors including Medical Cannabis, Pharma, and other projects of national interest. Over the past three years, Marion has been focusing specifically on the Medical Cannabis Sector, working very closely with all the stakeholders, in order to ensure an effective roll-out of the strategy for this new ecosystem in the Maltese Economy.

In June 2021, Marion has been assigned the lead of the Investment Promotion Unit, hence a more prominent role in Malta’s FDI Strategy and its implementation.

Marion has been invited to various International Conferences as a Speaker and has contributed to articles and interviews in various renowned publications.

A Life Sciences graduate with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), both from the University of Malta. Medical Cannabis policy and technical expert with multidisciplinary expertise in Pharma manufacturing, regulatory, sales, and marketing.
Ten years of experience in Advanced Manufacturing having worked in the Semiconductor and Pharma sectors with hands-on experience in Quality Management, Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Production Management.