Papa & Barkley with Adam Grossman

Papa & Barkley with Adam Grossman today on Plant Prophets only on Cannabis Radio. Adam is the founder and Executive Chairman of Papa & Barkley. They are the first mover in the California regulated cannabis market, specializing in non-psychoactive pain products like pain balms and transdermal patches, and consumables including sub-lingual tinctures and capsules. Our products are known for their purity and efficacy. Based in Eureka, California, they source the cleanest, medicinal cannabis and hemp flowers from local farmers who grow sustainably and using organic agricultural principles. Papa & Barkley process those flowers without chemicals or solvents, using a proprietary mechanical process to make the cleanest products possible. They lead their categories in the California market (topicals and tinctures) as a result of our cleaner process, higher potency, and value to the consumer. They are on a mission to unlock the potential of cannabis to improve people’s lives.

P&B creates consumer wellness and lifestyle products activated with pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes. Basing its production in Humboldt County, California, P&B partners with second-and third-generation farmers to source the highest-quality cannabis flowers on the market. The company employs whole-plant extraction technologies to produce the finest extracts and infusions, which it combines with 100-percent therapeutic-grade botanical extracts. P&B is science-driven — it has a world-class Scientific Advisory Board and research partners in Israel who help formulate and test its products. P&B products are available in medical cannabis dispensaries across California.