Salveo Capital with Sean Doyle

Salveo Capital with the principal of Salveo Capital and Founder & Managing Partner NewThera Capital Sean Doyle today on Plant Prophets with Vern Davis only on Cannabis Radio. Sean joined Salveo Capital in 2018. Prior to joining, Sean supported the cannabis venture capital fund Casa Verde Capital providing due diligence, portfolio optimization, and cannabis industry analysis with a focus on agtech, tech, health & wellness, financial services, technology media, compliance, and laboratory technology. Before entering the cannabis space, Mr. Doyle spent 3 years at Vestas, the largest wind turbine company in the world, where he worked in energy financial modeling, tax credit maximization, project development, contract negotiations, and sales.


Mr. Doyle was elected to support the establishment of an office in Boston where the team evaluated future markets for sourcing energy and developed sales approaches for margin optimization. During this time, Vestas secured $2 billion EUR of wind turbine sales and achieved a 4.6x increase in market capitalization. Prior to joining Vestas, Mr. Doyle co-founded an IoT startup and received the Best Use of Hearst Grant Award from the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, the 2nd ranked entrepreneurship program among public universities. Mr. Doyle received his BS in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (Cum Laude) from the University of Arizona. He received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with concentrations in Finance, Analytic Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. Mr. Doyle was actively engaged in Chicago Booth’s Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Private Equity clubs.