Steve Luttman from Tortoise & Volt Marketing and Ventures

How Cannabis will affect the beverage industry with Steve Luttman from Tortoise & Volt Marketing and Ventures. Steve Luttman started his career at Unilever, working in Europe, the United States, and Brazil on various brands including Lipton Iced Tea, Ben & Jerry’s, Bertolli, and Ragu Pasta Sauce. In 2003, he joined Diageo & Moët Hennessy’s Schieffelin & Somerset as Senior VP Marketing. In 2005, he created and launched Leblon Cachaça, the leading superpremium Cachaça in the United States. Leblon is now found in over 40 countries and was acquired by Bacardi Ltd in 2015. Steve is now the Managing Director of Tortoise & Volt Marketing & Ventures, a boutique creative marketing and innovation agency based in New York City.

Steve Luttman

Everything Tortoise & Volt do is underpinned by a smart, well-defined strategy, based on consumer insights, market analysis, and brand concept. They quickly convert strategy to fast action, developing everything from brand names and identities, to packaging and brand identities, web portals and digital campaigns, advertising and guerrilla influencer campaigns, marketing promotions and sales tools, and actionable business plans. Their core team develops the heart of the strategy, creative concepts, and activation programming, and they engage talent based on additional needs and expertise required. The approach is a cloud-based collaboration with the best talent available. No expensive offices and overhead – just what the specific problem or strategy needs to get the job done.