Sweet Dreams Vineyard With William “Bill” Gibbs

Sweet Dreams Vineyard has officially launched two alcohol-free adult drinks made with THC just in time for 4/20, the unofficial holiday every April 20 celebrating marijuana. Cannabernet and Marijuarita are manufactured in Arizona and sold at Valley dispensaries, using cutting-edge nano-emulsification technology and all-natural juices to create an enjoyable adult experience. They’re healthier alternatives to drinking traditional wines or smoking cannabis, provide a quick and consistent effect, and aid in sleep and pain management. Smoking cannabis has numerous downsides, and can be unacceptable in some social settings,” said Bill Gibbs, founder of Sweet Dreams Vineyard. “And traditional edibles can take up to two hours to work.” Sweet Dreams Vineyards provides the social enjoyment of a quick-acting alcoholic beverage and the relaxation of cannabis without the health risks of either. Gibbs served as president of the University of Phoenix and senior vice president of the Apollo Group, Inc. from 1985 to 1998 and led the company from a privately owned business to a NASDAQ publicly traded company. In 2012 he transitioned to the cannabis industry and founded Urban Greenhouse Dispensary in Phoenix and served as its CEO until he sold the company to Harvest Health and Recreation in 2019.


Phoenix-based Sweet Dreams Vineyard uses nano-emulsification technology and natural ingredients to create cannabis-based adult beverages that are tasty, low-calorie, and a healthier alternative to alcohol or pharmaceuticals. The company was founded by former University of Phoenix President Bill Gibbs. Visit www.sweetdreamsvineyard.com to learn more about these remarkable new cannabis products. Bill and Debbie Gibbs have been wine lovers for a long time, with their favorite wine region and wines evolving to be Paso Robles. Bill started and grew his own CAM software company, achieving enough success to allow Debbie and Bill to indulge in their love of Paso wines.