The Youngest Black Dispensary Owner

The youngest black dispensary owner with Seun Adedeji, CEO and Founder of Elev8 Cannabis. Our guest today is the youngest black dispensary owner in the country. A recent feature proclaimed him “the epitome of a self-made businessman who created his own opportunities.” At three-years-old, Adedeji migrated from Nigeria to the Southside of Chicago and later to the state of Texas, where he spent his teenage years. Now, Adedeji is the youngest Black man to own a cannabis dispensary in America. Seun immigrated from Nigerian to the south side of Chicago as a small child. He got caught up briefly in the street life but managed to recognize his ambition and let it lead him.

The Youngest

This led to him securing a cannabis license in the state of Oregon and to opening his first dispensary there. He will open his second dispensary next month in Athol, Massachusetts, and then two more near Boston by January 2021. In an interview with Face2FaceAfrica, he said “I started reading more about emerging markets and the cannabis industry kept popping up. My goal has always been to create generational wealth for my family, so I saw the cannabis industry as a great way to do just that. Whites own 80% of the cannabis business, African Americans are 4x more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession, even though we consume cannabis at a lower average rate than whites.”