Trailblazers and OpenNest Labs with Michael Kamins

Trailblazers and OpenNest Labs with CoFounder and Partner Michael Kamins today on Plant Prophets with Vern Davis only on Cannabis Radio. He is an experienced culture marketer with expertise in building brands via non-traditional marketing channels. He previously was Head of Global Music Partnerships and Growth at TikTok (formerly,, the world’s most downloaded app in 2018 with over 2B downloads. While completing his MBA at UCLA, Michael connected with Dr. Jeff Chen, the now-founder of UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative and Radicle Science.


His time with Dr. Chen opened Michael’s eyes to the plant’s therapeutic potential, leading Michael to step into the venture space and use his skills to drive acceptance for cannabis through building a relationship with the medical community. On the day-to-day, Michael is focused on the hemp side of the OpenNest Labs portfolio, leading all operations from developing hemp, to supply chain formulation, brand development, and beyond. Michael also serves as the Chief Community Officer for the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation, as they execute clinical studies on cannabinoid-rich therapeutics.

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