Jetty Extracts With Nate Ferguson


Jetty Extracts With Master Extractor and Co-founder Nate Ferguson today on Potline Bling with JJ Coombs only on The Cannabis Radio. Jetty Extracts is a California-based company offering cutting-edge ways to produce and consume organic cannabis extracts. Their company vision is a reflection of the world we want to live in.

This world includes goods being created in the most sustainable, healthy way possible. They want a world where people with illnesses can have access to things that make them feel better. A world where we encourage one another to follow dreams and do incredible things. Jetty appreciates plant and plant medicine.

When Nate first started the company, he saw the extract market growing. He saw—especially vaporizers—the hardware wasn’t that good. People were cutting their vaporizer pens with a lot of different cutting agents at that time and we didn’t really want to smoke it, they didn’t know what was in it so we just felt better if they did it themselves.

Jetty knew the farmer’s sources and they figured out how to make oil and how to make pure oil and put it into a vaporizer, so that’s the driving force to this day is to make a really pure, clean product that represents the plant truly and not add anything. The only things Jetty take away are the impurities, but they want to highlight the good attributes and terpenes and cannabinoids the plant gives us.

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