Purissima with Co-Founder Rob Evans


Purissima with Co-Founder, Chief Business and Strategy Officer Rob Evans today on Potling Bling with JJ Coombs only on The Cannabis Radio. Purissima is revolutionizing the way companies source and use plant-based ingredients, through the development and production of commercially viable, microbial biotechnology. Purissima’s mission is to provide the world access to high-quality, pure, safe, and sustainable ingredients for products that improve the quality of life for millions.

Purissima has sustainably and effectively recreated 70+ natural ingredients, including those rare or hard to access, at a fraction of the cost and without adverse environmental, varietal, or supply chain impact. The brand’s patented and proprietary biotechnology advances critical plant-derived health + wellness solutions while preserving Earth’s biodiversity and natural resources.

Purissima is the next-generation natural ingredient company, delivering the purest, most reliable, highest quality compounds and formulations at scale for the global health and wellness industry. They harness the power of native microorganisms to produce natural compounds. They work with the earliest forms of plant life and craft ingredients that enable our partners to deliver differentiated and affordable health & wellness products to people across the globe.

Make sure to check out Purissima on Linkedin here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/purissima-bio/

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