Determining Therapeutic Psilocybin Dosages


Determining therapeutic psilocybin dosages for maximum therapeutic potential is an essential part of intentional psychedelic use and psychedelic-assisted therapy. This episode identifies the thresholds of psilocybin that produce altered states of consciousness and result in real, tangible shifts.  


Hosts Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen start by clarifying that dosage is correlated to intention, set, and setting–there is no one size fits all dosage when it comes to magic mushrooms. They discuss the process of how to find the minimum viable dose that gets you to the journey threshold.


From there, the hosts talk about why some people experience ego death on 2 grams and other people are unable to reach the journey threshold on 10+ grams. This ultimately highlights the most significant factor impacting dosage, which is unrelated to bodyweight or gender. 


The episode also covers what the Johns Hopkins researchers discovered in terms of the optimal psilocybin dosage. Finally, the hosts discuss the impact different mushroom strains and serotonergic medications have on dosage. 


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