How Does a Guided Psychedelic Journey Work?

How Does

How does a guided psychedelic journey work? This is one of the most common questions hosts Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen hear from folks who are interested in pursuing an intentional psychedelic experience. 

This episode starts off by addressing what comes next after you’ve committed to having a transformational psychedelic journey. This begins by identifying your individual intentions and then choosing your ideal guide (which was covered in the previous episode). 

The process of having a professionally guided psychedelic journey will entail a lot more than just the ceremony or journey itself. Nick and Jimmy address how a savvy guide will take you through a screening and intake process to help ensure your safety, as well as preparation and integration sessions, which take place before and after the journey respectively. 

From there, the hosts discuss what the journey itself actually looks like. Where do these journeys take place? Is there music? Should you keep your eyes open or closed? This episode addresses all of these questions and more. 

The show also covers what to expect after you consume a plant medicine like psilocybin. Nick and Jimmy address the various stages and themes that typically emerge in the mushroom journey. Finally, they talk about how long a guided psychedelic journey takes from start to finish. 

About Psychedelic Passage: Psychedelic Passage facilitates safe containers for sacred psychedelic use by creating an online ecosystem that leverages human connection to pair journeyers with a network of pre-vetted, professional guides in their local area. The company’s comprehensive vetting process ensures each hand-selected facilitator serves journeyers with integrity. The goal is to inspire trust, confidence, and lasting change for each journeyer. To date, their network of guides has facilitated hundreds of safe and transformational journeys for people all across the United States. You can also learn more about the founders and hosts by viewing the bios for Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen.