How Psychedelics Can Get You Unstuck


How psychedelics help you get unstuck is what hosts Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen cover in this episode. This feeling of being stuck, blocked, or in your own way is why the vast majority of folks seek out intentional psychedelic use.

In this episode, the hosts talk about how to actually close the gap between knowing what you want and then actually doing it. They talk about how psychedelics can create alignment between the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the nervous system. 

Nick and Jimmy address how psychedelics help us move from mental concepts to direct experience and how that felt sense actually rewires the brain. They also cover what the default mode network (DMN) is and why it’s often the limiting factor in our ability to change. 

This episode includes discussion around the role of social conditioning and programming as it relates to this process of getting unstuck. Finally the hosts talk about how psychedelics bring to the surface that which has been suppressed and the change in perception that ensues. 

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