Mitigating the Chances of a Bad Trip (Part 1)


Mitigating the chances of a bad trip by becoming more informed on the nuances of these experiences can help calm the discouraging fear often associated with psychedelics. This episode unravels the risks of placing labels on your journey and explains how setting expectations can be both limiting and liberating to our greater healing purpose. 

Nick and Jimmy draw distinctions between adverse and bad trips, explaining why a challenging experience may actually be exactly what you need. They provide tangible examples of a bad trip, discussing how internal resistance feeds upon itself to create more separation between our egos and our authentic truths.

The hosts examine the role of self-acceptance and surrender in laying down resilient and conscious foundations that are conducive to a fruitful journey. They also emphasize the importance of receiving adequate support throughout this process and illustrate the discomfort that may arise if psychedelics are taken in a recreational setting.

Later, they tackle why there are no guarantees in a psychedelic experience and how curiosity can help you grow through the discomfort of these uncharted territories. Finally, they propose a thought exercise that will help you gauge if a therapeutic psychedelic experience is right for you. 

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