What Are the Benefits and Pitfalls of Ketamine?

What Are the Benefits

What Are the Benefits and Pitfalls of Ketamine? Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of ketamine is crucial when deciding whether or not to engage with the only legal psychedelic substance in the United States currently. Although many people are choosing to sit with ketamine, hosts Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen discuss why some have positive experiences and others don’t.

This episode starts off by addressing why ketamine is treated differently than other psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, and DMT. The hosts also discuss how ketamine works and why it’s not actually a psychedelic drug by definition. 

The hosts cover how ketamine can be helpful when used appropriately as well as some of the issues that arise when used without guidance, structure or support. They give listeners tangible steps to ensure that they select the right ketamine program while avoiding potential pitfalls. 

Nick and Jimmy then discuss the differences between at-home ketamine programs versus in-person clinics versus more holistic programs. They also cover the various routes of administration ranging from IV to intramuscular to lozenges to nasal spray. 

The hosts talk about what makes a good ketamine facilitator and provide listeners with tangible questions they can use when vetting providers. Finally, they discuss what they’ve seen anecdotally with clients who have been through these programs. 

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