What is the Role of a Facilitator?


What is the role of a facilitator? This is a question that hosts Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen often get from prospective clients. At its core, the role of a facilitator is to hold a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space–also known as a container. 


This episode addresses both the universal attributes that space holders take on as well as the specific roles facilitators will play depending on the context of the relationship and the client’s desired level of support. 


Nick and Jimmy discuss the importance of showing up as a clean vessel in order to avoid inserting the facilitator’s own beliefs, desires, and interpretations into the container. They also talk about the gift of presence and how incredibly healing it can be to have another human’s unwavering presence while you journey. 


The hosts discuss the inherent power dynamics of the journeyer/facilitator relationship and how crucial it is to establish boundaries and expectations at the start of the relationship so that power can be shared. Finally, they talk about the importance of ethics and specifically the issues of transference and countertransference. 


About Psychedelic Passage: Psychedelic Passage facilitates safe containers for sacred psychedelic use by creating an online ecosystem that leverages human connection to pair journeyers with a network of pre-vetted, professional guides in their local area. The company’s comprehensive vetting process ensures each hand-selected facilitator serves journeyers with integrity. The goal is to inspire trust, confidence, and lasting change for each journeyer. To date, their network of guides has facilitated hundreds of safe and transformational journeys for people all across the United States. You can also learn more about the founders and hosts by viewing the bios for Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen.