EntheoConnect With Co-Founder Greg Lake


EntheoConnect with co-founder Greg Lake today on Psychedelic Radio with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. Despite copious amounts of data proving psychedelic/entheogens are safe and effective, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are increasingly censoring psychedelic/entheogen-related content. Accordingly, many in our community have lost large followings and valuable content. It is our intention at EntheoConnect to never censor any psychedelic/entheogen-related content on our platform.

At EntheoConnect, we believe in the concepts of sacred reciprocity and equal energy exchange. To this end, we will promote programs aimed at giving back to the indigenous communities which have been instrumental in shaping the ways many spiritual/religious practitioners engage in the sacramental consumption of entheogens.

In addition to our offerings, we envision EntheoConnect as playing a pivotal role in the movement toward widespread acceptance and legalization of entheogenic sacraments. To this end, we intend to devote copious amounts of energy and resources to support various legal and legislative initiatives devoted to this goal.

Over the last several years, CEO Greg Lake has, among other activities, providing copious amounts of legal and academic support to sincere and safe religious practitioners in the United States. Through EntheoConnect, he vows to continue his ardent support of these and other types of related organizations. By supporting EntheoConnect you are supporting the movement and we encourage all members to get involved.