MY Self Wellness: An Introduction To Psychedelic Radio


Introduction To Psychedelic Radio with Christina Thomas and Charles Patti of MY Self Wellness only on The Cannabis Radio. Christina, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness introduce listeners to what Psychedelic Radio seeks to do.

MY Self Wellness is a health and wellness center specializing in Ketamine Therapy. The clinic is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of psychiatrists, registered nurses, infusion specialists, and board-certified therapists. The center offers an array of services, including Ketamine Therapy, IV Vitamin Infusions, Peptide Therapy, Medical Cannabis Recommendations, Integrative Nutrition Services, and Counseling.

It exists to assist clients suffering from depression, anxiety, drug addiction, PTSD, and more by combining the healing benefits of Ketamine with new lifestyle practices for a full mental reset.

A quote from the host, Christina Thomas: “Like so many others who have been through trauma and addiction, I found myself lost and unable to cultivate healing. I spent many years hiding from myself and unable to understand how to create a joyful, purposeful life,” said Patti. “It wasn’t until I incorporated therapeutic psychedelics into my regime that I began to see a transformation. My goal is to share my story on a global level to encourage others to try ketamine therapy and begin their healing journey.”

“We believe patients can transcend their traumas and let go of obstacles on every level of physical, psychological, and spiritual blockages,” said Thomas.

Psychedelic Radio

Psychedelic Radio aims to bring light and destigmatize the use of psychedelic medicines and real insight into a paradigm shift. We are in a mental health crisis and the current models just are not working. Psychedelic Radio uncovers the controversy, talks about the taboos and breaks them. Hosts Charles Patti and Christina Thomas talk about topics that no one else is talking about mystical/ profound healing experiences that people are having on a daily basis.