Treating Lyme Disease And More with Psychedelics


Treating Lyme Disease And More with Psychedelics with Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness, and Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness today on The Cannabis Radio.

MY Self Wellness patient Sean Casey is a conversationally proficient fishing enthusiast with a passion for helping people learn to move past Lyme disease and transverse myelitis with the use of physical therapy and ketamine.

Acute transverse myelitis is a neurological disorder that leads to acute spinal cord injury due to inflammation caused by autoimmune disorders or by parainfectious etiologies. Among the many different infectious causes of transverse myelitis, one of the rare ones is Lyme disease. All that and more on Treating Lyme Disease And More with Psychedelics with Christina Thomas and Charles Patti today on Psychedelic Radio on The Cannabis Radio.

Psychedelic Radio

Psychedelic Radio aims to bring light and destigmatize the use of psychedelic medicines and real insight into a paradigm shift. We are in a mental health crisis and the current models just are not working. Psychedelic Radio uncovers the controversy, talks about the taboos, and breaks them. Hosts Charles Patti and Christina Thomas talk about topics that no one else is talking about mystical/ profound healing experiences that people are having on a daily basis.