How Strainwise Consulting Is Pushing The Boundaries Of The Cannabis Industry

Today on the State of Cannabis we are joined by Sean Eubanks from Strainwise Consulting. Vice President of Business Development, Sean Eubanks is a creative and inventive thinker who sees in the cannabis industry a boundary that can be pushed forward and onward. Sean has many years of brand development, sales, and management expertise that has made him not afraid to work outside his comfort zone.


He possesses superb communication skills and is someone who can build up rapport easily, discover clients’ real needs, find out exactly what they need, and then present them with a wide range of services and solutions that fit their needs. Disciplined in business and personal life, Sean has a track record of achieving and exceeding the standards of performance set out for any scale projects. Sean lends his business leadership to Strainwise by building relationships with clients who are seeking expertise in the marijuana industry and guiding them to success.