Cannara Biotech Inc. With Nicholas Sosiak

Cannara Biotech Inc. With CPA, CA, Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Sosiak today on The Green Peak with Richard Zwicky only on Cannabis Radio. Delivering a premium quality product at an accessible price is at the heart of our ethos. This principle has guided us since from the onset and has allowed our company to emerge as one of Quebec’s fast-growing licensed producers. At Cannara, we are committed to delivering exceptional product quality and strive for operational excellence. Our cannabis is grown in state-of-the-art facilities, employing methods used in the most sophisticated markets in the world; cultivated from rare genetics, hang dried, slow cured, and hand trimmed. Today, Cannara is recognized for its craft quality at disruptive pricing and has rapidly carved out market share in Quebec. Cannara owns and operates two mega Quebec‐based facilities spanning over 1,650,000 sq. ft., providing up to 125,000kg of annualized cultivation output. Cannara’s facilities deliver premium‐quality cannabis from seed to final packaging at affordable retail prices. Our facilities are equipped fully outfitted with automated lighting, irrigation, biomonitoring, and robotics to ensure quality and consistency, increased plant yield, and reduced operating and cultivation costs.


Nicholas is a Chartered Professional Accountant with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the Cannabis industry. As Chief Financial Officer of Cannara, Nicholas is responsible for overseeing the company’s finances and treasury and is a key decision-maker in all facets of the company from genetic selection, marketing and branding, product formulation, sales, investor, and public relations. Prior to working in the industry, he practiced auditing at two of the big five accounting firms and worked as Vice President of Finance and Accounting for Dundee 360 Real Estate Corporation, a subsidiary of Dundee Corporation and a publicly-traded company listed on the TSX.