Cannaversetech With Matthew Lee Morgan


Cannaversetech has created Cannaland a complete cannabis-themed community and meta marketplace where all aspects of socially responsible cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, retail sale, and consumption of cannabis and hemp products can be enjoyed by residents of the community.

Cannaland’s Metaverse has an innovative approach to community building, revenue generation, and product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising for cannabis brands looking to distinguish themselves in an increasingly crowded physical marketplace opening the landscape for the globalization of current and future cannabis brands.

Cannaverse Technologies, the creator of Cannaland, the world’s first cannabis Metaverse pioneer. They are supporting cannabis product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising with an innovative blockchain payment system.

Cannaverse is empowering cultivators, growers, testing labs, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical dispensaries, and consumption lounges with the ability to scale and monetize their brands while directly addressing the existing gaps in the cannabis industry.
Cannaversetech’s meta marketplace on the blockchain revolutionizes the global cannabis industry by connecting every facet of the cannabis and hemp communities in a Metaverse environment.

Matthew Morgan is the co-founder of many different companies including, Reef Dispensaries, Slapps Underwear, Ignite Cannabis Co, Tryke companies, Bloom Dispensaries, Green Axis Capital Corp. as well as many others.

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