Empowering Mental Wellness with David Nikzad

Empowering Mental Wellness with David Nikzad, the CEO of Ei.Ventures. David started his career in the techno scene, orchestrating parties that brought tens of thousands to hear internationally famous DJs at nightclubs such as Fifth Column, Trax, Buzz, Fever, and others in DC. He has personally incubated companies through Orthogonal Thinker like SuryaSpa, KitchenNation, MauiRaw, Randy’s Remedy, EI. Ventures, and Pure Mushrooms. Over this last decade, David has become hyper-focused on his two children who live in Hawaii, and on his current role as Executive Chairman of Orthogonal Thinker Inc, which encompasses all of David’s family’s holdings. His latest startup, Ei.Ventures are focused on creating the new standard of mental wellness through developing novel psychedelic therapeutics, medicinal mushroom formulations, and unique treatment protocols and delivery mechanisms. Empowering Mental Wellness through psychoactive compounds and technology. Their ambition is to deliver governmental approved therapeutic treatment options that address the current global mental healthcare pandemic. They seek to provide a free resource to the individual that will provide critical data for the further academic understanding of psychoactive compounds. As the pace of decriminalization continues to snowball, we watch with interest as the legal backdrop and DEA scheduling status remains on the political agenda. In markets that allow self-therapy, we anticipate being able to provide a suite of products.

Empowering Mental Wellness

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