EXMceuticals With Johnathan Summers


EXMceuticals with co-founder Johnathan Summers. Summers is a founding partner of a $500mn (USD) London based Investment fund. Before founding the Investment fund in 2015, Jonathan acted as a founder and senior executive in a major Hong Kong-based asset management firm. Prior to that, he was employed by Goldman Sachs for more than 15 years, in both London and Tokyo. His expertise in international business, acquaintance with multi-jurisdictional issues, and a management style based on best practices will contribute to further implement the Company’s global growth strategy.


EXMceuticals is built on the foundation of a strong executive team, with professionals from complementary industries. Our science-based team delivers quality and innovation through research, discipline, and forward-thinking. They will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement, and respond vigorously to change. Every one of them is responsible for the quality and safety of whatever we do.

The Green Peak

The cannabis industry is evolving at a radical pace, progressing toward “the green peak”. Each week join Richard Zwicky, a cannabis visionary and entrepreneur, as he interviews experts from around the globe to discuss updates and evolutions in the world of cannabis. If you are a current or inspiring investor in the cannabis industry and/or a cannabis entrepreneur and want to hear great insights around the drivers of growth in the cannabis industry, this is the podcast for you.