FundCanna with CEO Adam Stettner


FundCanna with CEO Adam Stettner today on The Green Peak with Richard Zwicky only on The Cannabis Radio. Adam is the founder and CEO of FundCanna. A leader in innovation for funding the underserved Cannabis industry. Adam brings nearly 30 years of finance leadership, management, sales, business development, and operations experience to FundCanna.

You know the art and science, the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. This is your passion, your pursuit. You believe the sky’s the limit, but you keep bumping up against a ceiling — working capital. Yes, state laws are trending in the right direction, but until the federal government legalizes marijuana the banks won’t do business with you.

FundCanna is the leading lender in the cannabis industry. Over the past 20+ years, their team of financial experts has provided nearly $20 Billion in funding to underserved businesses and individuals across the country. Whether you need a bridge loan, equipment financing, commercial leasing, or just a cash advance, we’re here to assist.

Their products are flexible and designed to service the unique needs of this amazing space. Not only do they have the experience and resources you need to succeed, they share your passion for this industry. They believe in this movement and are on a mission to hurdle it forward.