Poseidon Garden Fund with Patrick Rea

The Poseidon Garden Fund with Managing Director Patrick Rea today on Green Peak With Richard Zwicky only on Cannabis Radio.  Pioneering the Efficient Frontier of ‪Cannabis‬ ‪Alpha‬. Providing opportunities for a smarter crop of accredited investors interested in the Cannabis industry. The Poseidon business model is designed to identify attractive opportunities and take advantage of market dislocations for the benefit of our clients. With an eye on emerging opportunities and fields yet to be fully cultivated, Poseidon is unafraid to bring radical–yet proven–investment strategies to places and spaces others may balk, always knowing that with intelligent risk, a great reward is as inevitable as the tides. Poseidon was founded by siblings Emily & Morgan Paxhia in 2013, making their first fund one of the longest-running dedicated cannabis investment funds.


The Poseidon team has focused on a diversified strategy covering a range of company stages and industry subsectors across the capital spectrum. Now in the seventh year of conducting due diligence, deploying capital, and serving on multiple company boards of directors, the team is considered a leader in the cannabis industry. This recognition, in conjunction with Poseidon being a first mover in the cannabis investment space, has led to a level of trust with industry insiders. Poseidon has forged a positive reputation in the cannabis industry by helping companies when others would not, resulting in proprietary deal flow.