Pure Dharma with Founders Sarah and Sean MaHannah

Pure Dharma

Pure Dharma with Founders Sarah and Sean MaHannah today on The Green Peak with Richard Zwicky only on The Cannabis Radio. As someone who has long been passionate about beauty and wellness, the evolution of Pure Dharma came naturally after years of working in the spa industry and seeing the need for high-end, luxury skincare that blends botanicals with cutting-edge ingredients in a beautiful, clean and non-toxic way.

Growing up, Sarah was always fascinated with face masks, salt baths, and anything pertaining to skincare. In 2006 she began work as an esthetician, and it was around that time she began a deep dive into learning about ingredients. Having sensitive skin myself, Sarah knew first-hand how irritating and harmful ingredients could cause the skin to be reactive on a surface and superficial level, but as she did more research, Sarah began to learn more about the effects on a person’s overall health and body.

She discovered the lack of safety regulations in personal care products in the US compared to other parts of the world, where if science shows something is unsafe there is a preventative measure placed (for example, the EU bans/restricts approx. 1,400 chemicals, compared to less than 10 in the US). Sarah delved into continuing education and in 2009 decided to open my own skincare studio with a focus being organic and non-toxic treatments.

As firm believers in the power of plant medicine and also the importance of having clean beauty and wellness products, her husband Sean and she decided to create their own line of botanically-based products back in 2016, and that’s how Pure Dharma was born. It’s been several years of curating high-end offerings and honing our creative vision. As founders, we want to give people tools to live a healthier, more joy-filled life.

They want their offerings to aid and inspire a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them. They want to educate and help people become informed so they can become empowered with information to make better choices for themselves and their families. And most importantly, both of them want to help people remember how good it feels to feel good!

Sarah and Sean recognize that when feeling their best, they flow more freely through life. Their offerings are hand-crafted with love in beautiful Northern California and are designed to elevate and align ourselves with whole-body wellness, bringing harmony to our mind-body-spirit. They want people to know that together we can make a difference! Choosing a brand like Pure Dharma is an investment not only in your own health but also a way to support healthy planetary choices and spark awareness about overcoming stigma and the benefits of botanicals.