SōRSE Technology with Felipe Sanchez Romero

SōRSE Technology with Felipe Sanchez Romero, VP Latin America SōRSE Technology, today on The Green Peak With Richard Zwicky only on Cannabis Radio. A Leader in water-soluble emulsion technology for functional ingredients in food, beverages, and nutraceuticals. SōRSE emulsions have near-perfect dosing, are proven in the market, and provide a consistent cannabis experience for the consumer. SōRSE Technology – The future of cannabis consumption. The product has to taste good, so SōRSE is designed to blend and complement flavor profiles, not change them.

SōRSE Technology

But that’s not all – consumers also want consistent, efficacious, and safe products that integrate easily into their daily routine. SōRSE delivers safe, stable, and scalable solutions to meet consumer demand. Their team is made up of food scientists, consumer packaged goods specialists, researchers, and subject matter experts from around the globe. We have one common goal — to deliver functional ingredients in a familiar and enjoyable delivery method to consumers. SōRSE is leading the way in developing new and better technologies for integrating functional ingredients into commercially available consumer packaged goods.

The Green Peak

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