The Alternative Finance Network

The Alternative Finance Network with founder Scott Jordan today on The Green Peak with Richard Zwicky only on Cannabis Radio. The Alternative Finance Network was created by Scott Jordan aka the Marijuana Money Man in 2019 for cannabis business owners to provide them multiple funding options with more choices and the lowest possible rates for equipment, real estate, and working capital financing. Scott has successfully funded over $65 million in loans and equipment leases for cannabis business owners since 2014 and is a well-known speaker on the cannabis trade show circuit as well as has appeared on Fox – San Francisco, the Denver Post Cannabist show, Forbes magazine, CFN media and many more. Scott has a passion for helping cannabis business owners achieve a “level playing field” and financial parity and works tirelessly to help each client obtain the capital they need to have access to the assets to grow their business at the best terms available in the marketplace.

The Alternative


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