Vertical Grows & Women in Cannabis

Vertical Grows

& Women in Cannabis: Jamie Madsen is the head grower for Mother & Clone, a new sublingual and genetics brand in Commerce City, Colorado. She turned a horticulture degree into an opportunity with Mother & Clone designing a vertical grow and producing sublingual products.

Vertical grows

There are many different forms of vertical gardening. One of the most successful involves growing plants in a cylindrical hydroponic system with lighting suspended in the center.

The effect is similar to the sea of green (SOG) method, in which clones are put into flowering about two weeks into the vegetative phase. This forces them to produce a large, central cola. To achieve high yields using SOG, many cuttings are needed, making a true sea of green.

Vertical growing takes advantage of these techniques, allowing growers to produce many plants in a tiered system. Though, this method can also be used by small-scale growers looking to produce a couple of plants. This system allows growers to stack several levels of plants vertically around a central light, drastically increasing yield in a small space. –