Tommy Chong Celebrates 78th Birthday

Tommy Chong Celebrates 78th Birthday and Tommy opens the show with a song and talks to Paris about his 78th birthday bash held last week at Mack Sennett Studios in Los Angeles. Tommy Chong Celebrates 78th Birthday Over 700 friends celebrated with free “Chong’s Choice,” Tommy’s private brand of marijuana products. They also discuss the discomforts of Tommy’s cancer diagnosis and attending a festival in Napa, hanging out with celebrities like Lenny Kravitz. Tommy and Paris continue the show with a discussion about Snoop Dogg, who even wished Chong a happy birthday, and his negative opinions on the remake of Roots. The show wraps up the guys delving into music, with Tommy and Paris talking rock music, distortion, Jimi Hendrix, and their own musical endeavors. The guys also discuss States Rights and the Tommy makes a huge political prediction that would make the Democrats unstoppable in this coming election.