Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida Made Easier

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida Made Easier

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida Made Easier with Nelson Rodriguez and Stacey Gutierrez. Nelson is the COO of CEMG group, the organizers of Cannadayz @ The Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. Also joined by Stacey Gutierrez, a medical associate with CannabisCardz. They both speak to us about how CannabisCardz was on site at the event to start the application process for Florida residents to be evaluated and qualified to obtain a medical marijuana card.
Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida Made Easier
We also speak with James Zuniga, a partner at Corporate Signs, who provided some of the custom signage at Cannadayz. We talk to James about his work in creating custom fabricated identity signage along with the multi-location rebranding of national accounts in South Florida. He also explains some of the various issues regarding building permits, variances, and signage restraints that cannabusiness owners constantly face by city or state regulators. Our main topic today is simply Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida Made Easier, sit back and enjoy.

The world of CBD has changed in the USA and done so very fast. To the extent that the DEA has rescheduled it and now with the passing of the Farm Bill, the growing of Hemp will be dramatically on the rise.

With that comes CBD in the USA. That’s right, America will see every kind of CBD product it can imagine or think of. From CBD infused toothpicks to tinctures to chewing gum. You can surely bet that the business of CBD or Cannabidiol will be on the rise. We know this because The USCC Expo will have the top experts in this field joining us to talk about every facet of CBD and what it means. From the business aspects of CBD in the USA to how you can use these products to live a life with a natural product not loaded with the types of chemicals, we’ve become so used to living with our whole lives.

So, how do you as an American or Canadian or anywhere else for that matter get involved in American CBD? Simple, join us downtown Miami at the Hyatt Regency in the James L. Knight Center Expo Hall. We’re going to teach you all about CBD in what it means for us in The USA. American’s are learning more and more daily about how CBD in the U.S. can and is making a tremendous difference in people’s lives. So why don’t you come and join us too?
Here’s what Harvard has to say about the rise of CBD in the USA (which explains the rise of CBD in American Expos).

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