The Pain Relieving Qualities Of Cannabis Versus Opioids

Today on Grassroots Marketing we are live at USCC Expo in Miami Florida, and we are speaking to Jonathan Bloom, CEO & Founding Partner of McGrath/Power Public Relations. Jonathan Bloom is a founding partner and CEO of McGrath/Power Public Relations, an integrated communications agency with a profoundly diverse history of crafting communications with a conviction for brands.

Jonathan Bloom

Jon develops and directs the over-arching strategy for clients and is regularly recognized for his strategies that drive outcomes in the form of increased sales, corporate acquisitions, competitive de-positioning and creating new market segments. Three years ago, McGrath/Power was approached by an integrated medicinal cannabis company and took on the challenge to develop and implement all phases of external communications on their behalf. Since then, M/P has become a driving force behind cannabis communications. Jon has been featured in communications and cannabis trade pubs on the topic of cannabis PR and conceived the first study involving ex-NFL players to illustrate the pain relieving qualities of cannabis versus opioids.