Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

If Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders For President…and you consider yourself a responsible cannabis consumer or medical marijuana patient, don’t you this you should endorse Bernie Sanders for President too? It’s time for a new policy, and time we take back our country from the black market cartels. Join us along with many other do “Feel The Bern!” Help raise awareness just like this video does as Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders For President. Its time for a Political Revolution.

Quote from Tommy Chongs Youtube Channel:

The only way we’re going to fix the system is to vote for a man who has no ties to anybody.


Vote Bernie Sanders
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Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty.

Bernie On Cannabis:

Bernie Sanders believes the United States’ current “war on drugs” is a failed policy. He recognizes that the war on drugs has not quelled the drug-use epidemics facing the nation. Instead, he advocates treatment for drug addiction, not punishment – and he’s repeatedly introduced legislation to extensively reform the criminal justice system along these lines. He supports medical marijuana and the decriminalization of recreational marijuana, and has said that he supports the right of states to opt for full legalization.

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If Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders for President, Shouldn’t you?